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Motocross Starting Gates 

Starting Gate Information

Dog House


Plus Freight.

*Prices may very based on fluctuations in freight and steel prices*

- Gates come in 17' sections.

- There are 5 gates per section, 150 lbs per section.

- The gates are 36" wide.

- All sections are interchangeable.

- The dog house is 84" x 60" x 20", 180 pounds.

- Tubes for gates are schedule 40 steel.

- Long frames are 3/16 thick 3x3 angel iron.

- Drop mechanisms and linkage is all 1/4" thick steel.

- All joint ends and frame ends are 3/8" thick.


Manual lift with lever (standard).  These gates lift very easily but we will adapt a lift system if it is desired.  The 12v electric assist system is the best.  A car battery will run the gate all day, and very minimal maintenance, this system ensures that all of your motos can start on time without worrying about the gate working correctly. 

Many of our customers use these gates for fair events and indoor where they are taken apart, and reassembled regularly.  They are used and abused and continue to hold up and work correctly!  I have seen guys hook onto these gates with a tractor and drag them around without any damage!



- A entire gate can ship on just 2 pallets.

- One Pallet for the sections at 17' x 4' tall x 3' wide, 150 lbs per section

   (weight   depends on how many sections are ordered at once)

- One pallet at 84" long x 60" high x 32" wide to ship the dog house. (180lbs)


We can ship anywhere in the United States, we will figure out your freight when we do your quote.

Arenacross Starting Gates Supercross Starting Gates Motocross Starting Gates
From 5 to 40 starting gates Start with 10 gates, (2 sections and the dog house) add more as turnout increases.
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Portable Motocross Starting Gates Race Gates, Solid Personal Race Gates
Want a uneven gate, no problem, simply install more sections on one side of the dog house than the other.
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Personal Motocross Starting Gates, Trip Mechanism Starting Gates Trip Mechanism 1 to 40 man motocross starting gates
Easy Lift Lever System Standard Easy Drop Trip Lever No Bearings to fail in the dirt.
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Custom Built Starting Gates Heavy Duty Motocross Starting Gates Indestructable Motocross Starting Gates
Mount on concrete or dirt Indestructible lift system will not fail as long as you are holding races.
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Race Gate, long lasting motocross starting gates Budget Motocross Starting Gates Buy Motocross Starting Gates, will ship anywhere
Motocross Starts Supercross Starts Arenacross Starts
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Personalized Motocross Starting Gates    
Personalized Steel Doghouse    
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